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  1. uncertainr.png
    UncertaINR: Uncertainty Quantification of End-to-End Implicit Neural Representations for Computed Tomography
    Francisca Vasconcelos, Bobby He, Nalini Singh, and Yee Whye Teh
    Transactions on Machine Learning Research (TMLR), 2023
    1. cosmic.jpg
      Impact of ionizing radiation on superconducting qubit coherence
      Antti P Vepsäläinen, Amir H Karamlou, John L Orrell, Akshunna S Dogra, Ben Loer, Francisca Vasconcelos, and 7 more authors
      Nature, 2020
    2. gen_photon.jpg
      Generating spatially entangled itinerant photons with waveguide quantum electrodynamics
      Bharath Kannan, Daniel L Campbell, Francisca Vasconcelos, Roni Winik, David K Kim, Morten Kjaergaard, and 7 more authors
      Science advances, 2020


              1. tomography.png
                Extending Quantum State Tomography for Superconducting Quantum Processors
                Francisca Vasconcelos, Morten Kjaergaard, Tim Menke, Simon Gustavsson, Terry P Orlando, and William D Oliver
                In Microsystems Annual Research Conference, 2019
              1. drone.png
                Person-Following UAVs
                Francisca Vasconcelos, and Nuno Vasconcelos
                In IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2016


              1. spie_qed.jpg
                Why Quantum Education?
                Francisca Vasconcelos
                SPIE Photonics Focus, May 2023
                  1. murj_cover.png
                    Quantum Computing @ MIT: The Past, Present, and Future of the Second Revolution in Computing
                    Francisca Vasconcelos
                    MIT Undergraduate Research Journal, May 2019


                      1. oxford_stats.png
                        Uncertainty in Implicit Neural Representations for Medical Imaging
                        Francisca Vasconcelos
                        University of Oxford, Sep 2021
                        Submitted in completion of an MSc in Statistical Sciences.